PowerPoint for Gamification

In our course Creative Pedagogies for Active Learning we were asked by our students to share some active learning and teaching tools, we use or recommend. So that they could apply these in their own practice. So this is one from my teaching archives, the year is 2013. Although for the example I updated it…

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SoTL Process Infographic

This is the very first try to create a SoTL process infographic. Let me know if this makes sense. Mind you these are just the main points and I highlighted a couple of issues I have become aware off over the last years. What else is needed? Is tone of voice okay?

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Command Words Chaos

Using white plastic cups for critical thinking skills From the archives (Sept 2013). A colleague at the time had asked me to share this exercise. So I wrote it into a post. Last week I had my first cohort of students (a programme that starts slightly off sync with the rest of the university) this…

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Reflective Practice

The view from over your own shoulder Evaluating your teaching. This was the CPD session I ran today for university teachers at all levels. Technicians who ensure that researchers learn to work complex (and expensive) equipment, tutors, graduate teaching assistants, and lecturers. One of the things that strikes me most when teaching sessions on evaluating…

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The Issue with Lecture Capture

I am just out of a meeting where we planned a half day lecture training session and the discussion around lecture capture came up. As a learner, a student, I would have loved lecture capture and when contemplating why it constitutes such a problem to me two issues were emerging: The issue of permanence When…

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