#DigiWriMo Day 23: Transmedia StoryTelling

So this week is Transmedia Storytelling week

I haven’t come up with an actual story. My story for now is about the act of writing—or is it more appropriate to say creating?—a transmedia story. The story about telling, showing, creating, painting, writing, drawing, thinking, or developing [insert more verbs here] a transmedia story. In doing so I am using various freely available gadgets, and each chapter of the story, reflects one of the gadgets. So without further ado let’s see how the story is going to tell herself.

The first chapter: pen and paper

Back to the roots?

Do I need to say more?

Sony Z3 Camera

Second Chapter: Trying Gifmaker

This is a neat website not only can you create gifs, determine framerates etc. One can also combine already existing gifs or create videos. So far the experience was good. Straight forward, no fuss, easy to use.

Learning Outcome

Should have probably reframed the pictures or taken my proper camera using the tripot. Live and learn, live and learn … *two fingers against my forehead + dramatic face-expression*.


Third chapter: experimenting with: Screen Recorder Robot Lite

Yup, the free version. It lets you record 600 seconds for free. You can choose to keep or ditch the audio-track before exporting it. I cannot remember when I actually installed the programme. Only that I barely used it for the restricted recording time, and so far it has not been worth my while using a pay-for version as I hardly make use of it.

Yeah, I know, catch 22.

Learning Outcome:

Strange how one is never truly aware of the the typo-correction, while writing, until an unscripted recording happens. Also I should probably use bigger font size for the ‘over the shoulder’ writing.

Forth Chapter: so there are leaves…

I so! so! so! wanted to spell words with the leaves the wind has driven into our building, but was way too self-conscious. This gadget by the way is truly freeware, no hidden purchases, no dubious sources, even Sophos (by the way great free app for Android) confirmed 100% security. Also graphic design and colours are just amazing. Yup. So this medium is today’s winner.

Learning Outcome

Maybe I am braver tomorrow?



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