#DigiWriMo Day 24 Language, Sounds and Sausage Rolls


In the #DigiWriMo community we began discussing language and the internet, based on Greg McVerry’s piece:

An English Only Web is Not an Open Web. #TeachTheWeb in Your Tongue. https://t.co/N2Ux7INUTs pic.twitter.com/vdLh2a3vDj

— Greg McVerry (@jgmac1106) November 22, 2015

Well, and how Twitter chats go, one thing led to another, and we ended up with favourite words in ‘another’ language. So I have–of course–choosen four German words. Weltaneignung, Bildung, Mietzekatze, and Erbernbebbm (the link leads to Evernote audio-files)… the last two only to prove that we do indeed have NICE words in German. *She glances at Maha and coughs*

So Weltaneignung and Bildung are two of these German nouns that are actually more concepts than entities. They tend to be more fluid than let’s say: chair. So.

Weltaneignung very, very compressed: is the ability and motivation to take agency of ones learning and engagement with the world, environment (social, physical, virtual), to take ownership and control.

Bildung: is roughly education, but not.

‘Bildung (education) stands for the result of learning, however, is neither a fixed, nor an end-result focused approach. Bildung (education) is in fact a complex state of abilities that is continuously re-negotiated, added onto, changed, and questioned—utilizing a flexible, critical mind that enables Weltaneignung (Laewen & Andres, 2002). Weltaneignung simply translated stands for ownership of the world, but it encompasses life-competences, control, relevance, ownership, and responsible engagement with the world. In other words Bildung (education) is the process of developing cultural competences to gain cultural capital. It is a comprehensive concept that understands the learner as actively engaged in, or as an agent for their learning and development (Laewen & Andres, 2002).’

Sorry for quoting myself here (if you want more search my dissertation, it’s under the publication tabs). These both words are really important for me because they do not exist in English, at all. And trying to explain them is really complicated. It’s partially to do with this dissociation from self. How do you explain something that simply does not exist at all? So the means of language are reductionary; as the cultural background for these concepts is missing and I always feel, no matter how I try to explain, the result remains shallow.

Now the fun Part

Miezekatze = Kitty Cat

That was Paul, when he died no one could remember how old he was. We only knew something above 19
That was Paul, when he died no one could remember how old he was. We only knew something above 19

Erbernbebbm: this is Saxonian dialect for Kartoffelmus (yes you can see the similarities between ‘High German’ and Saxon dialect) … Mashed Potatoes anyone?

Now follow the ‘spelunking’ train of thought …

mashed potatoes lead to sausages … which lead to the infamous, sausage-roll-bag below…which leads us full-circle back to transmedia storytelling


Just to let you know. I continued editing this post on my mobile because it was easier uploading this photo from there, and then swapped back to computer.


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