Forgetting to check Outlook Sub-Folders

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This semester is all about keeping head above water with better organization strategies–and this not just for my students. So last semester I thought: ‘If I set up more rules for incoming messages I will have better control of the onslaught of information coming through each day.’

So Happy Dance for

Outlook Rules

My colleague explains how to set them up. In case you are a bit of a technophobe.

Nice thought … if you actually check them!

Now setting up rules is easy–remembering to check them when your brain runs on the attention span of a squirrel that ate fermented berries (long story it was before the time of smart phones) is not.

But I found really easy instruction on how to do this

Direct Link Folders in Outlook to Desktop

The only problem I had was the last step. It all worked fine until ‘Inbox’ but it would not take the actual sub-folder. So I renamed the sub-folder into a one-word term and it worked.

Once it is set up you can rename the folder into anything you find useful. Thank you provider of the information: Hail to thy helpfulness!




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