Washing Machine Emergency & CPD Sessions

broken door

Post 5 out of 30


After dinner we were working in the garden. When we finally had everything tidied up, and cleaned the kitchen, there was only the laundry to put up. And I realised the machine had not pumped the water. A flooded kitchen and several tries to open the machine later: Luckily, all that was broken was that a huge label from waterproof hiking gear had lodged itself in the filter. A fairly easy fix. After we filled several buckets, all our pots, a small swimming pool, an aquarium, and a garden pond with the water that had flooded the kitchen—okay, okay … everyone is permitted their five minutes of drama queen—all is back to normal and the clock shows 21:05. Now how to muster the energy to write another blog post?

Planning CPD Sessions

So I decided today I am just sharing a quirky moment. Today I was engaged with a list of CPD topics, most of which are informed by our new integrated masters programme. This was really exciting. I can’t wait to prepare, engage with, research for these topics!

Well and then an ADHD moment snug in. The communication went something like that. Imagine shared document we all edit online:

Topic xyz.
Comment from boss: ‘You suggested that during one of the meetings.’
Comment from me: ‘I cannot recall this, but it totally sounds like me.’

So I guess I am doing it.

(c) Nathalie Sheridan

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