Of life in Academia, Culture, Creativity, and Superheroes


I began this blog, in a different form (yay free templates and fire FTP) in 2006 to exercise my written English and stay sane during the trials and tribulations that come with a PhD. Unfortunately the archives of the first years were lost.


It all began with a bronze-age skeleton. This is a really long story and will be defered to my creative writing blog. I am a university lecturer in academic and digital development, trying to translate creative pedagogy and principles of Kulturpädagogik into the HEI context. This has led to colleagues playing with Lego, my line manager putting the Incredible Hulk on top of their computer, and being accused or commended (I am not always sure) of pink fluffy unicorness.

On a more serious note: If you want to know the serious and magical business of educational theory that constitutes the foundation for anything from play-dough to unicorns, have a look at the blog or send me a message. Otherwise, I am always on the quest for the story line! Embracing fika culture—thank you Swedish colleagues for this import! Experimenting with EdTech when ever my inner Nerd wins an argument (currently learning Python).

On the quest for the story line!

What Else?

Ah ja … that stuff that we actually do do during work-hours … well more or less. Little tip for filming: it is not helpful when your colleague holding the reflector makes faces while you try to remember your lines.



    1. Auf jeden Fall—Glasgow ist trotz jedweder Gerüchte besonders gastfreundlich! Maybe a little rough around the edges, but that creates a unique charm. Danke für den Landesgruß!


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