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SoTL Process Infographic

This is the very first try to create a SoTL process infographic. Let me know if this makes sense. Mind you these are just the main points and I highlighted a couple of issues I have become aware off over the last years. What else is needed? Is tone of voice okay?

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Reflective Practice

The view from over your own shoulder Evaluating your teaching. This was the CPD session I ran today for university teachers at all levels. Technicians who ensure that researchers learn to work complex (and expensive) equipment, tutors, graduate teaching assistants, and lecturers. One of the things that strikes me most when teaching sessions on evaluating…

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This contribution to your abbreviation bingo vocabulary is all about productivity. Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions Also known as WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) is something I just stumbled across when trying to–once again–find new hacks to encourage The Brain to stop with procrastination. I know, I know bit late to he WOOP game. Wish:…

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Being a reflective practitioner

One of my aims for this year was to write a reflective practice paper, and submit for publication. I really struggled with identifying the story I actually wanted to tell. Additionally, I am currently working on my SFHEA application and I just realized that I began my professional journey studying and researching how we make…

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SoTL is not a Concept

So I am currently undertaking a bit of background reading around Scholarship (scholarly activities aka scholarship sans publication) and SoTL. AdvanceHE put forward in their recommendation: SoTL needs to be discussed and made explicit as a concept to generate some institutional consensus on its usefulness to enhance practices’ (p.8) Fanghanel, J., Pritchard, J., Potter, J.,…

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The autopoietic lecturer: a poem

A reflective poem I am becoming evermoreMaturePatientWiserResilientOlderComplexDeeperQuirkierRiskierFunnierCompliantCategoricalUnconsciously professional And that’s just on a Monday. If you are not prepared to be challenged, to question your believes and assumptions, you are in danger. The classroom is not a safe space for a fixed mindset.

woman doing cartwheels at beach

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