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Strategies to work more effectively and be better organised.

Routines Paradox

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Post 17 of 30 An ADHD paradox When thinking about context switching—and today was a Tigger day of bouncing between projects, teaching planning, admin, organising a symposium, meetings, and catching up with marking—routines emerged again as a topic. Or rather as a non-existent entity…

Context Switching

Post 11 of 30 An issue of context switching These last couple of weeks, a term made the rounds in our department which I had never heard before and which finally gave me a picture to an issue I had for a while. There…

Herding Cats

eucalyptus tree bark

Have you ever heard the expression ‘managing academics is like trying to herd cats’? Now every time I hear this I nod knowingly and laugh. Now actually why is this? I mean it’s not as if I ever spoke to a professional cat herder. Have you?

Washing Machine Emergency & CPD Sessions

broken door

Washing Machine Emergency & CPD Sessions: when a flooded kitchen throws the spanner into your writing plans.

Hacking my Brain 01

close up of computer mouse and keyboard with coffeec

This post focuses on ADHD strategies for coping with distractions in meetings.

Unpack your ADHD

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So there are a couple of reasons for this post. 1: The first is that our manager found the following definition of an inclusive work-environment in the Microsoft eLesson Unconscious Bias Resource: What does an inclusive culture look like? People are respected, valued, and…

Forgetting to check Outlook Sub-Folders

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How to link outlook sub-folders to your desktop so you do not forget to check them.

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