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12 Days of SoTL: Bonus

Useful and Quirky Tools In this post I share some of my favourite tools, most of which are open source, that help with motivation, stopping distraction, or staying organised. For Writing Battle your fear of the empty page! Written Kitten all the way! In this snazzy little Browser App you get a photo of a…

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12 Days of SoTL: Day 09

Data Collection On day nine we reflect that whilst we have chosen our methods, there are some considerations to take into account when it comes to actually ‘doing the collecting’ of data. For instance: If we are leading interviews, and instead of having open ended questions, or even just prompts to encourage a free flow…

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12 Days of SoTL: Day 01

Welcome and Where to Start Welcome to the twelve days of SoTL 2019! If you want to follow the pursuits on Twitter, follow the #12daysofSoTL hashtag! This MindMap gives you an overview of the process and includes links to various resources you might find helpful: I made this MindMap fully editable so if you…

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PowerPoint for Gamification

In our course Creative Pedagogies for Active Learning we were asked by our students to share some active learning and teaching tools, we use or recommend. So that they could apply these in their own practice. So this is one from my teaching archives, the year is 2013. Although for the example I updated it…

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Command Words Chaos

Using white plastic cups for critical thinking skills From the archives (Sept 2013). A colleague at the time had asked me to share this exercise. So I wrote it into a post. Last week I had my first cohort of students (a programme that starts slightly off sync with the rest of the university) this…

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