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Meaningful time and Ethnography

This week I was teaching a couple of research workshops, one about undertaking ethnographic research. This is the acompanying blog post, focussing on one of the key themes and points for debate in ethnography: time–time spend conducting fieldwork. #ethnography #SoTL
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Refugees, Disadvantage and Responsibilities of Research

tree in winter mist

Yesterday I was all Meta and in the flow. Today I started out not quite sure what I would want to write about and then there were suddenly 5 different post ideas. But somehow the recent developments in Syria, reminded me of my PhD topic and the one thing I always regretted: not having published more. I have at least one more friend who has the same regret. Anyone else out there? What stopped you?

The accidental Guerrilla researcher …

Rambling insights from trying to write up my research project—stumbling into Guerrilla research The accidental Guerrilla research project—I think We were tasked to conduct an action research project, exploring the impact or effect or benefits or outputs a new teaching strategy or method has…

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