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Enabling Academic Staff to Engage with Disruptive Pedagogies Using Active Learning Technologies

In this presentation we are sharing how we engaged participants in the PGCap Programme with using Active Learning Technologies. Some of the participants allowed us to share their digital artefacts with you.

Creating a Story about Space and Place

Today Vicki @vhmdale and I are presenting our active learning model at the ALT Winterconference. This is the first presentation.

Active Learning and Christmas Festivities

Originally posted on #LTHEchat:
Active Learning and Disruptive Pedagogies In this #LTHEChat, we would like to explore the disruptive potential of active learning.   It is probably easier to define what active learning is not, than what it is. While a concise definition for active learning remains…

What is active learning?

To start you off on this path for reflection: this is how learning sometimes feels to me and often in exactly the moment the tracks disappear there is breakthrough. More to follow this is just to get back into writing. The little film is…

On the quest for a virtual exhibition platform

I want to use virtual exhibition for my students to showcase the artifacts they develop throughout the semester. There are some OER platforms out there we could experiment with. However, GDPR and accessibility (and well design) demand the use of institution approved software. We…

Curriculum Development and Storytelling

buildings mirroring in a horn (Instrument)

Post 21 of 30 The posts are becoming more and more dispersed due to a long weekend, evenings spend hammering hundreds of carpenter nails into the deck, or marking. But I am slowly catching up again. Story-Telling How to tell a story? So one…

Thinking Thoughts

sepia photo of renaissance woodwork from a German country castle during reconstruction

When you stuff your brain glutinously with ideas and paradoxes that push you into cognitive dissonance trying to come up with a story and there is no anti-acid—or granny’s really expensive gentian-schnapps—that can help the brain to break the thought-food down as it does…

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